What is WinChamp?

Rick and Thomas Geelens (father and son) have developed a system, on  an idea of ​​Thomas Geelens, to participate in Sweeptakes, wich is simple, safe, accurate, fast to use, and it runs smoothly.
The App and Website (optional ) eyes simple and clean. “Power by Simplicity”
Consumers will experience the easiness of the systeem because of the, simplicity, integrity, privacy and policy.
WinChamp action is they online service that you can offer to your Advertiser as a service. (for more information clicl on “Why Winchamp?”

To setup a Sweeptake  takes time, money  but overall Know-How.
Your current Advertisers will experienced the WinChamp service as a tremendous value and for your future Advertiser’s a reason to Advertise.

WinChamp can be integrated with a widget within each system / website or search engines. 
The domain names “winchamp.com and winchamp.nl”  supplied with the WinChampsystem.
Neural network, subscriber location, logo scanning, etc. are some of the many expansion opportunities within WinChamp.